Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Media Advertising Terrorism and Supporting Cowardly Acts

A writer writes!

 Yesterday, the media doing what it thinks is its job, quickly reported the incident in Georgia where a man terrorized a school full of students.  The man armed with a weapon or weapons reportedly asked a school employee to call the media to have them come and watch him shoot police.  The media reported the details of how they thought the man entered the school and then of course displayed his photo giving this deranged or cowardly person his moment of fame, which may be what he sought in the first place.

By this time the media has to know that they are supporting the goal of these cowards to get attention, become famous, and make their mark in the world by killing innocent people who have done nothing to warrant their murder.  Recently several of these people have resorted to the lowest of cowardly acts by killing small children and in doing so inflicting pain on numerous families whose only crime was wanting to send their kids to school to get an education.

The media needs to stop broadcasting these events and giving these perpetrators what they want, that being instant fame.  The media provides details of how these terrorists obtain access to buildings helping future perpetrators develop their plans.  Then the media displays the photograph of the killer, as if we really need to see who they are.  What is the purpose of displaying their photo and advertising terrorist acts for others to copy?

I believe there should be a moratorium on the media rushing to cover these cowardly acts of terrorism.  Just report the facts without making it a Hollywood production.  No visual coverage of the scene is needed. No photographs of the coward committing the acts is necessary. Stop giving other cowards the road map for developing plans for future acts of terrorism.  Media, can you not see that you are educating cowards and those with mental issues on how to inflict terror on innocent people and get attention in the process?

Media, you are being used like a roll of paper towels.  Those behind the camera, and the are helping killers achieve their goals.  Think about that as you pat yourselves on the back for a "good job" in covering a story, while inside some home somewhere parents, husbands, wives, friends are grieving over  the loss of a loved one, who's story you have publicized and romanticized.

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