Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Distractions of Life

A writer writes!

In our human existence, there are many, many distractions that keep us from focusing on our spiritual relationship with our Creator.  Those distractions, the pursuit of material things being prominent, become our focus.  Gaining material wealth becomes our only goal, not living the life that our Creator wants us to live.  The images placed in front of us via the visual media, and printed media are primarily displaying material wealth and material objects as the definition of being successful.  Having expensive items somehow relate to success in life.

We are taught this from the early years in our lives.  It is incumbent upon parents to ensure that your children understand what is truly important in life. Children already deal with peer pressure from early days.  It is up to parents to help children understand what is truly important in life.  We need to ensure that our children understand that the pursuit of material things is not our sole purpose and not why God created us.

Uniting us all as God's people and allowing us to do His will is the ultimate goal we should all aspire to reach.  Can you imaging a world, where we are truly all brothers and sisters united to serving our Creator?

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