Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Sunday

A writer writes!

Easter Sunday.  Tomorrow throughout the world those who believe in Jesus Christ being the Son of God will pause to commemorate His resurrection from the dead, after being crucified by men. Jesus did as He said he would and arose three days after his crucifixion.  Jesus is the Son of God, given to this world to pay the ultimate sacrifice, His life, for our sins.

I am no theologian.  But, imagine a parent, a Father, Our Creator and what He felt seeing how the world treated the gift that He had given us.  His Son, Jesus Christ.  Endowed with the power to perform miracles.  To heal the sick. To even raise someone from dead.  He was crucified on a cross by elements of this world. Jesus knew that no one could save him from the trials He was meant to endure.  It is said that one of His disciples, Peter, attempted to fight off those who came to capture him.  But, Jesus told him to cease those efforts.

Many years later the world continues to be a place of chaos.  We have pockets of life and behaviors that typify what Jesus taught.  Love thy neighbor as you love yourself.  But, the images of war, hate, violence, intolerance, and blatant evil acts still surround us.  We don't begin our day globally with a prayer thanking God for the gift and sacrifice he gave us.  But, tomorrow many of us individually will pause to do so.

Religion and our understanding of the nature of God is something that we all do not agree with.  For those of the Muslim faith, Easter does not have the same meaning as it does to Christians. But, whatever our faith,we all must admit that there is a greater force than man.  We need to understand that life is not all about us and what material accomplishments we can amass in our time on earth.  Whether you celebrate Easter or not, just take some time to reflect on the fact that we were created by a God who gave us His son in a human form.  If we follow the principles preached by Jesus Christ and remember how He died so we could continue to live, we can live a better life.

I long to see a world where every day you hear about or see a reminder of God and that we are His creation.  Whether that be a return of allowing prayer in school, prayer at work, prayer before our sports contests, or prayer before news reports, we do need to reaffirm that God is first in our lives. Until that day, we as individuals need to continue our personal acts of living our lives following the model of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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