Friday, April 25, 2014

Loan Company Pimps out U.S. Presidents

A writer writes!

One of the more comical commercials on television is one that features actors dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, performing acrobatic acts.  They run on top of trains, and escape bad guys chasing them.

One wonders how the descendants of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln feel about their ancestors being portrayed this way.  One would also hope that elementary kids do not actually believe that these former Presidents were these acrobatic heroes the commercials depict them to be.

How a loan company would come up with an idea to use former Presidents in such a  manner is beyond me.  It is border line disrespectful to use them in such a fashion.  It would be akin to a movie where a wheel chair bound President Franklin Roosevelt is shown as being Professor X, the teacher of the X Men mutant superheroes.  Hey, maybe I've just given someone an idea for a new movie!  Well, we've already had one movie where Abraham Lincoln was also a secret vampire hunter!

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