Thursday, April 24, 2014

Humane Catch and Go Fishing?

A writer writes!

I was in a burger restaurant having a meal.  The television was tuned to a show about fishing.  I noticed that after the two fisherman on the show caught a fish, they then photographed it and then released it.  Catch and Release is what it is commonly called.

It occurred to me what is so humane about getting a fish stuck on a hook, and having the inside of the fish's mouth cut so it bleeds.  Then the fisherman takes the hook out of the fish's bleeding mouth and without any type of treatment to the wound lets the fish swim away.

When I was watching the episode, I thought what would we think if we were the victims of the catch and release?  Can you imagine the fish, sitting by the docks or in boats, seeking their human prey with human poles and human hooks!   Once hooked, the fish take the hook out of the bleeding mouth of their human prey.  Imagine having a hole in your mouth made from the human hook and the hook being drawn out of your mouth, now spurting with blood.

Then the fish lets you go without even giving you a band aid or an antiseptic wash.   So you the human walk away bleeding and filling pain in your mouth.  No thank you to this catch and release scenario. Under this concept you can be caught and release several times.  Each time with a dose of pain and bleeding involved.

So fish, when you see humans coming for a fun game of catch and release, swim away in the opposite direction, FAST!

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