Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Stupid Award of All Time - Most Beautiful People

A writer writes!

One of the items on the "news" today (which is why I don't watch much television) was a feature on a magazine that tomorrow will announce the annual Most Beautiful People Award.  The title itself is misleading.   We know that the magazine does not scour the world and all of its billions of people to find "the most beautiful" people.  Also, what is beautiful to the selectors in the magazine, certainly does not represent the viewpoints of billions of people on the planet Earth.

So what is this award supposed to stand for?  Basically it stands for human beings being totally bored and having nothing else to do but create contests that have no value.  It is also some "celebrities" agent's vehicle to get publicity for their client.  And unfortunately there are many people who will pay attention to the magazine, or "news" story, because they too are bored and have nothing better to do.

The Most Beautiful People award is another example of people doing things only because they can. It fits into the category of a contest where the person consuming the most hot dogs in three minutes is somehow a world champion in that category.  So what!  People should be offended that a magazine and a major television network would even have the stupidity to put forward an article and TV feature telling people what is beautiful.  It's like telling us, hey dummy, I have chosen for you what is beautiful.  You just acknowledge my decisions and then go away!

The most beautiful people award needs to be merged with the ugliest dog award.  Combined we can create a list of "who cares" items that we can throw back at the magazines sponsors and any other media source that continues to insult our collective intelligence with these worthless topics.

I know, let's create the most dumbest news story award.  Everyday the media presents us with many entries!

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