Sunday, April 27, 2014

Racist Owner - Deja Vu

A writer writes!

The uproar over the NBA team owner's racists remarks continues.  But, I don't understand why people are surprised.  There has been no great cultural change in the United States of America that would rid racists of their views.  Where in the past racist people would have expressed those views openly, in today's environment to protect their economic base, racists try to keep those views to themselves or only express them around other racists they trust.

Just think about those celebrities in the past 10 years, whether they were a talk show or a cooking show host, who were tied to racist comments.  They either lost their livelihood or were forced out of the position they held.  So, must follow the racist NBA owner.

The NBA commissioner can not condone the statements or behavior.  To do so would condone racist thoughts.  The racist owner needs to find another outlet for his racist money.  I'm sure the owner will look into what other avenues can he pursue to be in a position to be an overseer or plantation master.  Caution.  If you see this guy coming your way with a smile on his face saying he has a business proposition for you, run away as fast as you can.

This can't be a 2014 business owner can it?  Sounds more like a year 1714 or 1814 cotton plantation owner instead.

Bye NBA owner.  Oh, and please leave your racially mixed "girlfriend" at the door.

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