Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forgiveness follows Punishment

A writer writes!

I just watched the news conference of NBA commissioner Silver banning the Los Angeles Clippers owner for life.  Although the owner according to human rules may have the right to express his personal viewpoints (right or wrong), the hatefulness of the Clippers owners views required action.  Yes, private conversations that we have may not be what we would say in a public forum.  But, hateful comments that become public have to be addressed.

What is more offensive is there has not been an apology put forward by the Clippers owner for the remarks he made.  He has not apologized for the unneeded distraction from the game of professional basketball.  He has not apologized for making the distraction people turned to for an escape from the world, being drawn back into the ugliness of the world.

But the Clippers owner did much to show us that the public persona of a person does not always represent who they really are.  So, we thank him for his ignorance as it has solidified the thought that humans should not be put on Godly pedestals.  People make mistakes.  The Clippers owner needs to explain why his views of Black people are what they are. We are under no obligation to go to him and ask "why?"

Maybe one day he can be forgiven.  Some would say he should be forgiven now.  But, punishment must come first so that he understands the seriousness and hatefulness of his statements.

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