Monday, April 7, 2014

World Humbled by Malaysia Flight 370

A writer writes!

March 8th, 2014.  That was the day Malaysia Flight 370 began what seemingly was its last journey.  Since then the reality is that none of the self proclaimed "Great" countries in this world have stated that they know where the airplane is located.  This cannot be true!  Are these the same countries that launch spy satellites into the Earth's orbits, shoot missiles into the sky to demonstrate military capability, send men to the moon, and send robotic vehicles to the planet Mars?  No, there must be a mistake.  Countries that call themselves the greatest in the world, surely can locate an airplane that contained over 200 lives of various ages, genders and races.

Well guess what world?  You once again have been humbled.  We are not the smartest species alive.  Despite all the technology and "smart" people in this world, we have collectively been unable to locate a passenger airplane that reportedly may now lay at the bottom of one of the world's oceans.  This event demonstrates the limitation to our skills and any false hope that we as people can solve any crisis.

Our Creator, God, knows where the airplane is located.  Maybe if we had collectively as countries of the world prayed to God for guidance on locating the plane, this event would have long been over.  But, we did not.  Instead we relied upon our human technology to come to the rescue.  So, now we are almost a month since the plane was lost.

For the sake of the family of the passengers, I pray the plane be located quickly and those steps needed to determine the cause begin.  Those families have suffered numerous times over the past month.  It is time to begin the steps of closure.  But, we have to start with God in control, not human beings who still falsely believe that we as humans can solve every problem without God's help.

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