Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comcast Ineffective Customer Service

A writer writes!

Friday evening I spent approximately one hour on the Comcast customer service chat line getting service for what should have taken 5 minutes.  I was basically attempting to upgrade my service.  It took four customer service representatives to address my question and to finally process the transaction to upgrade my cable TV service.

I copied the content of my chat with the representatives into a Word document.  The total number of pages came to 4 pages of dialog covering the one hour of "chat".  By the names of the customer representatives, it appears the customer services have been contracted out to workers outside the United States.  That is okay, if the services were excellent.  But, it became apparent that each representative was following a script and had been trained foremost to sale extra services to customers.  I had to repeatedly get very direct with each representative to keep them focused on what I, the customer wanted, rather than what Comcast wanted me to purchase.

After an initial phone call to a live human being from another country I terminated the conversation when the person kept trying to  push new products onto me.  Then began my 1 hour odyssey into Comcast chat land.  It was a very unfriendly customer service experience.

American companies seem more focused on mergers rather than ensuring the best customer service is provided.  Cable TV companies have notoriously been known for bad service.  My experience is my vote to confirm the truthfulness of that statement.

One thing I did do is be persistent in getting what I wanted done.  I also stayed professional and courteous in my chat comments and questions.  Unfortunately it took over an hour to get the customer service rep to do what I wanted done.  I have had several poor customer service connections in the past month.  For some reason people do not fully understand the importance of good customer service.  It costs one company my account which they had until they merged with a new company.  Maybe once these companies suffer economically from a loss of customers they will then understand the importance of giving the customer what the customer wants.

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