Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Internet As a Bridge to Cross the World

A writer writes!

One benefit I have found in using the internet, is that some websites allow for communication with people whom you otherwise would not have met.  Through one website, I have communicated with people from the countries of Australia, Canada, Spain, Sweden, United Emirates, and the United Kingdom.  These connections have been to write comedy material for customers in those countries.

I have personally not visited any of these countries yet.  It is my goal to travel around the world and see other cultures in person.  But, until then, my fingers and the internet allows me to touch other parts of the world.

My comedy writing contacts has shown me that laughter has no boundaries.  People all over the world want to laugh.  That is a common link that we have as inhabitants of this world.  We don't speak the same language, but we do share a trait where humor is  a part of all of our lives.

The internet allows us to visually see people we otherwise would not see or talk to.  It also provides the potential for us as humans to gather information without it being filtered by others.  Direct communication to a person provides individuals with the ability to learn on their own without someone interpreting information for us.

We have only touched the surface of the use of the internet for direct communication with others across the world.  As technology and trust in people to use the technology increases, our ability to communicate throughout the world will be improved.  It is ultimately up to us to use this communication tool properly and ensure it is used to bring us closer together.

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