Monday, June 2, 2014

When Company Mergers Go Wrong

A writer writes!

Recently a local pest control company I use, Circle City Pest Control, merged with a larger company called Action Pest Control.  Action sent a form letter to all the Circle City customers stating that customer satisfaction was their central focus.  The letter said all the nice words but follow up actions by Action Pest Control have failed to deliver the promised level of services.  Despite repeated phone calls and emails I have not been able to obtain the routine monthly service I had established with Circle City Pest Control.

Today I left an email message with Action Pest Control that said absent someone routinely contacting me to establish monthly appointments, I would end my association with the now merged Action Pest Control.  The form letter Action sent out also allowed new customers to contact the Branch Manager if problems arose.  I attempted to do so in the past with the same non responsive results.

Mergers should not result in a decrease in quality of services.  In this case that is what happened.  Action has turned a satisfied customer into a dissatisfied customer soon to be seeking a new vendor.  My second option is to move into a do it yourself mode.  Now I wonder if that is why many people have resorted to a do-it-yourself mode in addressing issues dealing with their home.  The reason being that they can't get the quality services they desire.  If that is the case, if they can safely and competently do the job themselves why not do their own work?  The alternative is to be frustrated by a company not responding to them, or providing shoddy services.

This merger of companies was done on a small scale.  I can only imagine what goes wrong when large companies merge with other large companies.

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