Monday, June 16, 2014

NBA Championship - Our Entertainment Distraction from the Serious Parts of Life

A writer writes!

Last night, thankfully the schooling of the Miami Heat by the San Antonio Spurs on how to properly and effectively play team basketball came to an end.  The Spurs put on a basketball clinic in the last 3 games to win the NBA Championship for the 5th time in the franchises history.

There was the usual glee and celebration from the victors.  Of course there were the gracious comments and protective/defensive comments of the Miami players.  Since the Heat, specifically Lebron James, spoke of the team winning more than 5 championships together when he and Bosh joined the Heat, the loss will be raised up in the sky by those who are not fans of James as an indicator of his failure.

But, I don't think Lebron James has failed as a basketball player.  Four times to the finals in the past 4 years is an accomplishment that few can match.  I am focused on Lebron for another reason.  As I've heard James speak over the years, I was eager to hear him say something that expressed a thanks to God for his basketball playing skills and all he has gained from those skills.  Maybe I missed those comments.  In a material world where the focus often is on "me, me, me", it is always refreshing to hear a sports "star" openly and honestly express his thanks to God for the skills and the success the player has had using those skills.  Those are humbling moments.

I do recall Kevin Durrant of the OKC team expressing thanks to God for Kevin's past accomplishments.  I'm sure Lebron and Kevin have different viewpoints about life and were both raised in different ways by their mother.  Many people, kids and adults admire and follow Lebron James.  I wonder if he and his family has a religious life built around a belief in God?  If you've heard Lebron thank God for anything, send me a note/comment.

Yes, sports is entertainment.  But, it is also a job for those who are professionals in the sport.  Making God a part of your life, including your job is not a bad thing.  I wonder if those who follow Lebron James spend more time following his every day life than spending time in daily prayer?  If so, what do they get out of following the exploits of a basketball player?  Can't you get more out of following God and the principles he wants us to live under?

I do enjoy the distraction of basketball from the serious side of life.  It still is a game.  I may also get caught up in talking about it too much, but it beats talking about murders and shootings which I hear about daily on the morning and evening news.  I have to calm myself to not get so excited about the game that I forget that it really is just a game to be enjoyed.

I give thanks to God for the entertaining options he has allowed us to have in life.  I also seek his help in ensuring that I never place a game over Him.

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