Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Internet: A Gift from God?

A writer writes!

Sometime during the past year I saw a quote that the internet was a gift from God.  Of course being human I thought of some of the misuses of the internet over the years.  Pornography, hacking of computers, and criminal uses of the technology.  But recently, I started to understand more how the internet can be used for positive actions and to reach instantaneously out to someone who could benefit at that moment from a positive word.  In that respect the ability to spread good tidings and the positive messages of our Creator does make the internet another in a continuous line of gifts from God.

Today it is hard to imagine a time when communication with someone thousands of miles away took days or weeks.  Well, that is exactly how long people had to wait when delivery of paper mail was the main vehicle of communication.  Over the years we've progressed to electronic communication via morse code, telegrams, telephone, text messages and now through various social medias on the internet.  Each form of communication reduced the time it took to communicate with each other.  The advances in communication also allowed people from other countries to reach out to each other.  Communication time frames have been drastically reduced.

Maybe these progressive communication methods are all part of God's plan to help us become closer as human beings.  The borders and fences we've built around ourselves are easier to penetrate in the internet age.  We open ourselves up to others more in the age of instantaneous communication.  We share more and give each other the ability to learn more from each other.

We can also share information on our religious beliefs, bringing better understanding that all of our faiths are truly related.  We can spread the doctrine and principles that our Creator wants us to live by.  We can spread hope, love for each other, and a desire to rid our world of the misunderstandings that we have about each other.  The internet provides a great opportunity for us to learn.  It provides a great opportunity for us to grow.  We must strive to use the availability of the technology to move us forward not backwards or sideways.

In that respect the internet is a gift from God.  When we use it, think in those terms.  Use it for positive results.  Use it to bridge gaps, not to attach each other.  Use it to help others.  There is another progressive step coming beyond the internet.  While we wait for that gift, let's use the one we have to benefit each other and to bring us closer.

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