Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Trade Offs in Life

A writer writes!

Nothing is free in life.  That is a saying you have likely heard in your life's journey.  One other saying I often heard while growing up is "you have to work hard to get ahead."  From my life experiences I can attest to both sayings.

My being able to retire at age 55 was not a given as I grew up.  Studying hard in elementary and high school were the precursors to my being able to attend college.  The hours of time I spent working on school assignments instead of goofing off paid dividends when I entered college and into my adult years.  In college I was blessed in being at a school where recruiters from the federal government came seeking college students for paid internships with government agencies.

Once I began my federal career after college, I spent numerous hours attempting to learn the technical aspects of my job in Human Resources.  My goal was to gain enough knowledge so I would be an asset to the organization.  My goal was that my knowledge, work ethic, and results on the job would lead to promotions leading to more pay.  That is exactly what happened.  You do have to work hard to get ahead.  Even if you have natural skills in a subject area, you still have to develop, refine, or maintain those skills at a high level.

Coasting through life will result in your living a life style that will be far from satisfying.  Giving maximum effort will result in maximum results.  Work Hard to get ahead!

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