Monday, June 23, 2014

Pursuing the Writing Career - Screenplay Representationin

A writer writes!

Having written several scripts in the past year, I am now into the phase of attempting to get those finished products out to agents and anyone with connections in the film industry.  This is a difficult step when you are starting from having no contacts and do not live in the geographic area of agents and the film industry.

I have begun by trying to find agents who will accept query letters.  The query letter is where you briefly introduce the material(s) you are seeking representation for.  In my case, it is the last 3 scripts I have written.  A comedy, "Introvert/Extrovert";  a drama,  "Cousin J"; and an animated cartoon "That Special Holiday".

All three of the efforts feature African American characters.  I understand that the public will not see movies featuring African Americans, unless African Americans write them.  Most of my experiences are based on being an African American male.  So that is the foundation I write from.

In the past I have obtained the services of an agent who has long retired.  That was in the late 1990's.  So, I know I have some talent to write if an agent liked my materials back then.  I believe my life experiences has improved my writing.  The best thing about writing is you either have the talent to write or you don't.  I don't judge my success as a writer based on my selling materials.  I first base my skills on whether I like what I have written.  Have I conveyed the story I wanted to tell?  Do I get emotion from the story?  When I watch movies a movie that makes me feel emotion is the litmus test.  The emotion I should not feel is the disgust in seeing that the movie is terrible either in it's concept or acting.

I don't expect instantaneous success in my efforts to find an agent.  Whether I find one or not, I will continue to write the stories that I want to tell.  Having the time, freedom, and resources to write is already a gift for me.

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