Monday, September 2, 2013

Reach Your Full Potential-Use Your Gift

A writer writes!

Each of us has been given a gift that is unique to only us.  It is a talent or a skill. We all have something unique about us. Hopefully you have found or have an inkling of what is your gift.  We owe it to ourselves to develop that gift and allow it to reach its full potential.  That means we have to spend time focusing on self development rather than focusing on the skill and gift that someone else has.  Idolizing someone else is not the way to develop yourself and your talents.  Your gift may be a raw talent that needs refinement. That means it will take time for you to fully master your gift so that it can be the asset to you and others that it was meant to be.

Don't be afraid of dedicating hard work to improve your self and to refine your gift.  Don't say years later..."I should have."...   Do it now!  Every day, work on discovering and refining your unique gift and talent.  Step back now and think about what are you doing to polish your natural talent so it shines as something positive in this life?  Don't spend time following others.  Follow yourself first.  Right now, think about how many hours you spend pursuing someone else's dream rather than yours?  Ask yourself the question, "Have I reached my full potential?"  If not, "What am I doing to use the gift that I have been given?"

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