Monday, September 16, 2013

A Black Man Attending Sunday Church Services

A writer writes!

I attended church Sunday morning with my spouse.  My wife is more into attending church than I am. We went to a later service than normal.  The later service had the expected ratio of predominantly more women in attendance than men.  At this service, the men who were in attendance were more in the under 40 year old range.  Most of the men in attendance were actually working (security) and other roles, versus being your average attendee.  The minister/pastor speaking was a male speaker.  

I always wonder why few black men attend church (or so it seems)?  And secondly, with the audience being more female, why aren't there more female pastors tending to the church members?  When the pastor giving the sermon was announced, he was greeted with a "rock star" emotional type response.  When he came on to deliver the message, his sermon worked the crowd into an emotional frenzy.  I felt out of place in the crowd.  The minister wasn't saying anything I hadn't heard or learned before.  Of course, my being over 50 years old is likely why the message didn't do anything for me.  Heard it all before, and have been trying to apply what I've learned constantly year after year.  But, the message was something those in attendance needed or had not heard before.

I politely applauded and acknowledged the pastor's sermon.  I looked around at the reaction of the females in the audience, and wondered why I wasn't feeling what they felt.  But, again, I've heard the message before, so I decided that must be the reason.  I did wonder how many of them would forget the message and not apply it once they stepped out the door.  Were they at church only to release emotions built up over the past week?  Would their behavior during the week be at its best? Would they return next Sunday for another emotional fix?  I left the church  pretty much in a daze.  I felt I could have used  my time better being somewhere else actually doing something positive with my time rather than sitting on my behind.  But, I guess church is supposed to be community time to praise God.  At least that is what I've been told.

I pray and read the bible alone.  Truthfully I get more out of my personal spiritual time, rather than being told by a church praise team leader to raise my hands, and clap my hands when he says so.  Do Black men not attend church because we do not like being told how to live our lives and run our family?  I don't think that is all to it.  Maybe we would do better in a church setting where it was mostly Black males in attendance with messages directed to what we need to hear?

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