Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Answers That We Have Eliminated?

A writer writes!

 This world has many devastating diseases.  Some, like cancer, do not have a "cure" as of yet.  Here is a thought. Isn't it likely that our Creator provided us with all we need to deal with the illnesses and diseases that nature or our own bad habits produced?  I have heard about rain forests being destroyed in South America.  Unique vegetation has been wiped out as Man has destroyed the natural land to be replaced by some man made landscape.  It it possible that rain forests or other remote areas of the world, such as undersea plant life, contain the natural plants which have chemicals that are the cure for such illnesses as cancer?  Why would our Creator not provide for the means for us to take care of ourselves without needing the Creator's constant attention?

We live on a planet where we have been entrusted to take care of and act as good stewards.  But, do all of our practices ensure we take care of the environment, and ensure continued presence of clean air and water?  We were only given one Earth to take care of.  The only option for living arrangements would be to settle outside of Earth on another planet, or man made domiciles in space.  I doubt if we are that advanced to set up such living conditions for mass populations.

So, maybe we need to rethink destroying what we don't fully understand or appreciate.  If nature provides us with all we need to continue life, we need to respect and nurture nature more.  It would be ironic if the cure for cancer was in a rain forest that was destroyed.  Or if the person who had the gift to develop a cure for cancer was killed in one of the many armed conflicts the world has had in the past 80 years?

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