Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We as People Are Bored to Death

A writer writes!

While peeking in to see "news" stories on local television stations, I came to this conclusion.  We as people are bored to death.  Hot dog eating contests, bungee jumping, zip lines, walking over the grand canyon on a tightrope are only a few stories that come to mind that I have seen depicted as "News".  Now what makes a person want to indulge in any of these activities?  I think many of us are just bored to death with our lives, so we create activities or try activities to defeat this boredom. Yes we have the right to make the choice to do any type of activity we want to do.  But, next time you enter that hot dog eating contest, think about maybe volunteering to work at a pantry stocking food to be given to the needy.  Or think about delivering food to those who are hungry and would love to be able to slowly eat hot dogs as a main meal.

I've heard about some drug called "Molly" that young people have become interested in.  The after effects of taking the drug have been found to be deadly.  I wonder if any of those students didn't find the challenge of having to pay back large sums of student loan monies as not being challenging enough?  What makes someone so bored that they need to try a dangerous drug to get high on life?

The cure to boredom?  Here is one suggestion.  Get involved in some type of volunteer activity that helps to i improve the lives of others.  Volunteer at a school, a retirement home, a hospital, help keep the streets in your neighborhood clear of trash.  Talk to that stranger in your neighborhood whose spouse passed away in the past year and whom you always see going for a walk alone in the morning.

So, before you attempt to set a record for devouring numerous ice cream sandwiches in 15 minutes, think about buying some ice cream sandwiches to give to those working in the heat of the day.  Just a thought.

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