Monday, September 9, 2013

The Distractions of Life

A writer writes!

Life presents many challenges.  After we face the more serious challenges, we want to be distracted from those serious moments and indulge in activities that distract us from the serious nature of life.  That is where sporting events, amusement parks, movies, and other forms of entertainment come into play.  Sometimes our entertainment focuses our energies and frustrations into the entertainment venue we choose.

Sunday, thousands of Pro football fans gathered in stadiums across the country.  All wearing similar garb and unified against a common foe.  Fun and games governed on the field by rules.

Our distraction serve a purpose.  A release from the serious part of life.  Entertainment, leisure, and a chance to maybe vent some inner frustrations or live out fantasies.  Sometimes we need to ensure that our distractions do not become our life.  We are here for a purpose and unfortunately it is not just to have fun.  So, after we work hard, then let's move into the distractions as our mental and physical release.  Don't forget to help out others, and sacrifice some for the benefit of others.  And yeah, when it's time to go into your distraction, have fun!

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