Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From Foreign to One World

A writer writes!

Foreign policy.  The term itself paints a picture of all the inhabitants of the planet being contained in distinct boundaries that make us different and separate from each other.  Could that be why we can't get along? Is that why we are a planet of flag waving, patriotic song singing human beings?  You hear people saying "We're the best country in the world!"  If we are, then so what?  How does that statement benefit a country thousands of miles away?  How does such a statement bring unity to the world, a world which desperately needs a unified approach.?

We are all part of one planet, one world. That seems to be a fact that we do not recognize in the rush to nationalistic and partisan viewpoints.  Those who travel to various countries get a better appreciation of  people in real life.  They see that we may speak a different language and have different customs, but we truly are all connected.  It is my desire to travel the world to see face-to-face my fellow inhabitants of this planet in their home setting and culture.  Through interaction we can better understand and respect each other.  Only through actually seeing for ourselves that people in a "foreign" country really are just like us, will one day the label "foreign" be banished as an obsolete word on the planet Earth.

Let's all try to make the world a little smaller and less foreign.  If you get the opportunity to travel to other locations around the world, embrace the opportunity.  It is a chance to help us bring us to our true potential as human beings.  That being a world of inhabitants who respect each other and who want to take care of the one world we all share.

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