Monday, September 23, 2013

A call to public service

A writer writes!

The United States Congress, today's semi living monument to ineffectiveness, passed a bill to continue funding the federal government.  Unfortunately they packaged the vote in a bill that would  no longer fund "Obama care".

No new health care ideas were brought forth by Congress.  Just a vote to stop what is in effect now.  Is that kind of a vote public service?

It's time for a new call for public service. This call is only for those who want to actually propose ways to address issues and problems.  Those who just want to vote no and repeal laws without an alternative need not apply.

The new public service is for those ready to discuss and compromise. Getting everything you want is not the objective. Winning is not the goal. Helping as many people as possible is the goal of the new public service.

The new public service requires listening, talking, and sacrificing personal agendas. The new public service requires those elected to office being held accountable to produce results.  Bickering and grandstanding are not welcomed.

Hold your elected official to this new public service standard. If your representative doesn't respond accordingly, recall them and elect someone who will respond.

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