Saturday, September 21, 2013

Leave the American Flag at Half Mast

A writer writes!

It's happened again.  This week another individual experiencing mental issues used guns to kill innocent people.  This time it was Washington D.C. in a Federal building under the U.S. Navy's control. Once again the government authorized lowering of the American flag in respect to those who were killed, innocent bystanders of the rage of a disturbed individual.  At this point these events are unfortunately becoming events that we're not surprised to hear about.  No "solution" has been found to prevent these events.  All of us now have to be vigilant regarding who is around us and expect the unexpected.

We know that a common theme of recent events is that the perpetrators of these killings have had mental issues.  These mental issues have been known of and in the most recent case reported to the police who attempted to inform Navy authorities.  The ability of those with mental issues to either obtain or maintain weapons they already have is a factor that needs to be examined.  Is their legislation existing now that can establish the necessary process to prevent or take away guns from those with a mental illness?  We know that anyone can find a way to circumvent a process.  But, at least we can try to save a school, a work place, or a public event from future carnage and lifetime damage to families.

Until we do, let's just leave the American flag down at half mast.  It would be more appropriate to engage all that effort and energy  to lower thousands of flags down all across the country into a thoughtful process to determine how to reduce these events from happening.  Let's honor the innocent by taking action to prevent future killings.

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