Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lessons Learned During This Virus Season

Things I've noticed during this corrective virus season.

1.  I don't miss my sports idols and sports shows that served as distractions from life.  They truly were just distractions and things not necessary in my life.  NBA, Major League Baseball, etc.  Just Something to do and sometimes a waste of time and money.

2.  I don't miss going out to watch movies in Theaters. Again just discretionary stuff to do.

3.  I have enjoyed using my spare time to get more into the Bible and apply what I read to my life.

4.  I have contacted family more.

5.  I can live without eating out at restaurants.

6.  I am saving money and buying less discretionary items (more than I already was saving).

7.  I do not miss "news" correspondents running to black athletes for the "black" leader opinion on social issues.  I didn't give any athlete permission to speak for me just because they are professional sports athletes. Why do European American news reporters always run to black athletes for opinions on social issues?  Ask a common black man like me.  Or are you afraid to?

8.  We have an un Godly government that doesn't even think about prayer or God when a crisis arrives.  In general, to government it's all about the human solutions.

9.  We as people are truly ignorant of history and the Bible to understand that life and events repeat themselves.

10.  Some people do try to do acts of kindness in a crisis despite the general evilness of this world.

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