Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Virus Chronicles - Day 25

I finally saw it for myself last week. Out of a scene from the movie/TV series "The Walking Dead".  Virus fearful people overcome by the news of the "pandemic".  Driven to the zombie like selfish behavior of the oncoming virus.  There they were, masses of people invading grocery stores across these United States of America.  Small stores, and stores on large scale meant for bulk purchasing.  The common theme, incessant hoarding of grocery and household items at a pace to last them through the year 2021.  Grocery carts overflowing.  In the midst of the event, anti social communication where no words are exchanged.  Only the virus crazed gazes to maintain social distance!

This is the beginning of the decade of the 2020s.  A series of shocking events designed to slap us into reality that we are not in control.  Another in the series of warnings we are periodically given to "get our act together".  What is your reaction to all these events?

Our individual and collective actions differ based on what we really have faith in.  Me.  I tire of the self serving/pat yourself on the back news conferences of national political leaders who are allegedly giving us assurances and updates on how their federal government is responding to the virus crisis.  They are tantamount to a United States government official giving guarantees to Native Americans in the late 1700s that Native Americans will never be adversely impacted by the arrival of European Americans.  Or a government official promising those enslaved in the United States that they would be released and returned to their native lands after a "short" 3 year term of service.

One only needs to look back at history to anticipate the actions during this virus period of the government and the people it governs.  Yes, there are some acts of charity and sincere caring for the welfare of those impacted.  Then there are the zombie like actions of those seeking profit for themselves in the midst of a crisis.  Observe what is going on.  Learn from this experience.  Place your faith in non human institutions.  There is a God.  A message is being given to us. Listen carefully.

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