Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Virus Chronicles - Day 27

A very quiet social distancing day.  Other than going for the mail, I did not go outside.  The weather is too cold for me to go out running in.  Otherwise that would have been my physical activity.  New "rules" came out for our state that closed down restaurants and fitness centers.  I continue to be blessed in taking advance actions before this virus became broader.  I had a trip to China canceled by the tour company in early January before the virus exploded.  I had been the only person signed up for the trip that was scheduled for April.  I turned down an offer to sign up for the May tour, listening to God in my ear and staying humble.  I just recently canceled my membership in the nearby fitness center in a money saving move.

The new rules on limiting discretionary travel caused me to cancel a business trip I had planned later this month.  It is unfortunate that people are losing their lives due to this virus.  There have been some positive actions resulting from the turmoil though.  Disney World is donating to a food charity all of the food they have since the theme parks and hotels are closed.  The focus on feeding children who would miss meals since schools are closed has become a widespread theme. People are taking time to check on the elderly.

Personally it is providing time to work on those projects that I needed to work on.  Plus this social distancing time is helping me to save money on those discretionary things I normally would be doing during this period.  Saving on gas for my car, saving on food, saving on entertainment.  Keeps me away from the dangers that await us in the outside world.

The lesson is learn to make a negative event a positive one in some respects.

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