Thursday, March 12, 2020

Why Didn't the United States follow China's lead in the fight against Caronavirus.?

All of a sudden institutions in the United States have begun taking the coronavirus seriously.  Professional and amateur sports leagues have suspended or canceled activities or seasons.  So why didn't the United States take immediate action once the first cases of the virus were found in the United States?  Did not the United States see that China imposed massive shutdown of activities leaving entire cities empty of people on the streets?  Did the United States really think that somehow we would be immune to the virus or that it would not make it into our borders?  Well, we know how that turned out.

Was it pride, arrogance  or stupidity that kept institutions from acting sooner?  It appears that only as the number of cases increased did more actions occur.  China now appears to be bouncing back from the initial virus spread.  It seems unusual that the United States did not take the lessons learned from China to develop a more effective and planned strategy to deal with the virus.

A world wide share approach should have been taken.  A world wide strategy.  But we as people are too arrogant, prideful and stupid to adopt such a strategy.  Lives in the United States could have been saved, and fear abated.  But, now it's too late.  Now we are into full panic reactive mode.  Maybe that is how we in America react best?  Let something go wrong and then have a reason to develop an effective policy.

Lessons learned?  Look to China for the answers.

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