Monday, March 16, 2020

The Virus Chronicles - Day 26

The Virus Chronicles Day 26.  The only person I have seen close up and in person in the past 2 days has been my spouse.  I did go over to the local clubhouse fitness room yesterday morning to do a 45 minute workout.  I ensured no one else was in the room first.  I am not sure what someone else would have done if they had walked in and seen me working out.  Maybe they would have left fearing breathing the same air in the enclosed room.  As I was in the room I saw several cars entering and leaving the complex.  Life was continuing.  It was a cold day so I did not see anyone in our complex walking around.

Back inside my home I had plenty to do to keep me occupied.  The internet still works so I was able to stream in some television shows to pass time for a few hours.  Also, we streamed in church service and did our Sunday School lesson together.  We have ample food in the house so there was no need to go out to order anything.  I had done my last shopping a week ago after stocking up on household supplies a week before then anticipating the eventual panic buying that started last week.

This social distance period does provide a lot of time to work on personal hobbies and interests.  I check the news off and on via my cell phone to catch the latest updates.  I have contacted a few older family members to ensure all are well.  I have plenty of time to read, write, listen to music, and talk to my spouse, when her face is not into her television shows!  Beyond that life is normal.

Even before the virus scare came on I had cut back my social interaction and general spending, as I am directing my efforts and  money into a life style improvement later this year.  So the changes in getting out of the house have not been drastic.  I do have a quick out of town trip planned next week and will find out what type of travel restrictions or safe social distancing practices are created by the airlines by then.

In my family genealogy, two of my great-great-grandparents were killed by the typhoid fever and Spanish flu in the 1920s.  Back in those days the living conditions in the state of Arkansas, especially for poor black people contributed to poor health conditions that facilitated the spread of those illnesses.  Jump forward some 100 years and we see that social freedoms and poor individual sanitary practices are assisting in spreading the current virus.  As back then, the government did not have a plan that could prevent widespread contagious conditions.  We need to learn from history.

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