Friday, March 20, 2020

The Virus Chronicles - Day 29

I visited the local grocery store the past two days.  Today there actually was some bread on the shelves.  I did the correct thing and only picked up one loaf of bread, not hoarding.  Red meats were still non existent in the meat department.  Same for the seafood area.  The parking lots for the two grocery stores near me were almost full.  I chose not to go into the second store while on the way to pick up a carry out pizza from a local restaurant.

The rest of the day was spent at home in social distancing.  Still plenty to do.  Reading, writing, household chores.  Watching dvd's for entertainment.

The national news was the same.  Despite knowing what China and Italy have gone through, the major news networks are acting as if what is going on in these United States is  a shocking event.   Lesson learned.  When a foreign country actually closes down its cities, the crisis is serious.  Now the United States finds itself being humbled and joining what happens in third world countries.

I do worry about family members, some who do have existing medical conditions that would make them susceptible to the virus.  As with China, now we will see how much improves or worsens over the  next 30 days.

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