Monday, March 23, 2020

The Virus Chronicles Days 30-32

I spent the weekend mostly in isolation with my spouse.  In normal times I tend to avoid going out among crowds anyway.  So this behavior was nothing new.  I continued to work on my hobbies and follow my retirement routine.  This is definitely quality time for my interests.  We streamed in church service Sunday morning which basically was just 11 minutes of music followed by the taped sermon from our pastor.  Between streaming a few episodes of a favorite TV show and watching a movie on Netflix, boredom did not set in.  I have a 1000 page plus book on Ulysses S. Grant to occupy my reading time.

This morning I venture up to the local Kroger's to purchase some food items we needed.  Kroger's had it organized well.  7 a.m. to 8 p.m. was shopping for senior citizens.  Inside food was pretty much available, even meat items.  Seafood seems to be the main item unavailable.  That and Jiffy Mix to make corn bread and other baked items.  It seems like self service checkout was the only option available.  I was in and out of the store in about 30 minutes total.

I have an ongoing battle with Kroger due to the brand deserting black neighborhoods and leaving behind food deserts.  Now people in black communities have to travel far to find food.  In the past a local Kroger serviced our needs.  The community I live in now must be 90 plus percent European American.  So they have 2 Kroger's within 4-5 miles of each other.  Today I basically took advantage of Kroger being there.  My primary choice, Meijer's has not been as organized as Kroger's was this morning.  Maybe they will also institute special hours for us over 60 year old crowd.

This begins the second full week of the ramped up concern about the Corona virus.  The new conferences of President Trump continue to be a laundry list of rambling facts or pretend facts.  I wish he would just do a general summary and then let his staff go into the details of everything.  This is the person YOU all elected President.

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