Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Virus Chronicles - Day 28. Putting the Impact of Corona into Perspective Historically

I have taught myself  to only watch 5 minutes of news programs in general and less than that during this virus "crisis".  After that the worthiness and value of the information becomes doubtful.  Then the "news"  becomes repetitive and turns into an entertainment/drama/reality show  mini-series.

To get an idea of how serious this corona virus is compared to past historical outbreaks, I started doing some research.  As of this writing there have been over 7,000 cases of Corona reported in the United States with approximately 114 deaths.

Their have been greater epidemics in the United States.  The statistics below provide examples.

The first recorded, and the one most people of European American ancestry do not want to remember, is the small pox outbreak in this land in the 1600s.  The disease was brought to the yet to be established United States by European Americans.  It impacted the Native American population which ranged from 7 to 10 million in numbers.  It is estimated that over 70% of the Native American population in this country died from small pox.  In some cases tribes of Native Americans were purposely infected by European Americans through gifts of infected blankets.  It was a campaign of genocide.

In 1793, over 5,000 people in the United States died from yellow fever.

From 1832-1866 in the United States, two out of six people died per day from cholera.

In the early 1900's, over 10,000 people per year died from typhoid fever.  One of those was my paternal great grandmother in the state of Arkansas.  Poor living conditions for black people in Arkansas contributed to the spread of typhoid.

In 1918 over 675,000 Americans, including my paternal great grandfather, died from the Spanish flu.

Between 1921-1925 over 15,000 people died in the United States from Diptheria.

Over 3,000 people died from polio in 1952.

There have been other outbreaks including various strains of the flu each year.

A man made cause of death we also seem to forget is that during World War II, the Holocaust atrocities committed against those labeled Jews, resulted in the deaths of some 6 million people.

Lastly, the impact of the slave trade is estimated to have killed 10 million to 60 million Africans.

Yes, any death from the Corona virus is unfortunate and regrettable.  But, let us not forget the facts of the past.  If you had your choice would you rather get Corona or typhoid fever?  Would you trade Corona for the opportunity to be assigned to a  Jewish death camp in World War II?  Would you trade Corona for the opportunity to be enslaved in the United States prior to 1865?

Step back, look at the facts, and reassess your fears.  God is in control.

Matthew 6: 25-34 "Do not worry about everyday life. Whether you have enough food and drink.  Life is more than food and clothes.  Do birds store food in barns?  God feeds them!  Can worrying add a single moment to your life?  Have faith!  God has always provided.  Seek the kingdom of God above all else. Live righteously. God will give you everything you need."

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